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Friendship ♥

Q… Her tag in-game often says “simply Q”.
Well let me tell you, there is nothing simple about her.
She is the one person that gets me, knows me better then I know myself.
She has the biggest heart, is very calm and patient but kicks my butt when needed too!
She can make me laugh until I cry and on top of that is an awesome DJ!

(Quasiqua Resident)

Thank you for always being there for me,
and thank you for giving me the final push to go on this blogging adventure.

I love you with all my heart!
Special thanks also go out to:

Nathalie Lorand, Purr(ilicious) Foxclaw and Broderick Cade Logan,

for their support and advice. Y’all are an awesome bunch!


_Sherilyn Hair by TABLEAU VIVANT

_Blair Dress by DEAD DOLLZ

_Derin Shoes by BENS BEAUTY

_Alysia Pearls Rings by MAXI GOSSAMER



_Poppy Hair by WASABI PILLS

_Blair Dress by DEAD DOLLZ

_Glamza Shoes by SHEY



_Lovers Touch Pose by STRING ME UP POSES

_Marquee letters by SEVEN EMPORIUM

_Soiree Balloons (gacha) by TRES BLAH

4 thoughts on “Friendship ♥”

  1. Roz, you truly do make me a better person. You’re such a positive energy and witty and so genuine and of course, a beautiful person, inside and out!!! I love you to bits!!

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