After a long relaxing day at the beach, she was ready to go home.
Everything was packed but she lingered, wanting to take in every little detail and memorize it.
The salty smell of the sea, the warm setting sun on her skin, the evening breeze blowing through her hair, everything that made this place special.

She always came here to unwind, when she needed to escape her busy city-life, or to clear her head when she had too much on her plate.
The moment she set foot on that beach and felt the warm sand between her toes, her troubles would start to fade.

Today was such a day, so many things weighed heavy on her heart, but when she walked onto the beach and felt the sea breeze kiss her cheeks,
it was as if time stood still and a familiar warmth spread through her body. She closed her eyes and whispered: “I’ve missed you…”.



*Damaris Hair -gacha- by TRUTH
*Eshi Shorts by ERRATIC
*Rosalinda Heels & Cadee Top by CANDYDOLL
*Precious Rings Set by REAL EVIL INDUSTRIES


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