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It’s at the edge of a petal that love awaits…



*Sakura Hair -gacha- by TRUTH
*Jasmine Kimono by FOXES
*Haifa Jewelry Set by NAANAA’S now @ SENSE EVENT
*Tali Denim by BLUEBERRY
*Hairpiece & Fan -gacha- by ASTRALIA
*Bon Seven Pose by STUDIO POSES

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Good Things…

Good things can turn into bad things…
And good girls can turn into bad girls when protecting who they love…♥



*Seelie&Unseelie Hair -gacha- by TABLEAU VIVANT
*Samal Gown by E-CLIPSE DESIGN

*Dark Magic Pose by REVE OBSCURE
*Magick Shoppe by DEATH ROW DESIGNS

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Beginnings {to} Endings . . . |A Faire Story|

For all you fantasy lovers out there… read this, and I’ll promiss it’ll make your heart beat faster! ♥

Fantasy Faire 2018

{ A character story . . . }

The land was a buzz of activity as people from all over the realms made their way to the City of Razin for the festivities. In three days Princess Caelita would be crowned Queen and take the place of her ailing father. In the tradition of their people, criminals of lesser crimes would be pardoned and released from prison and the grand feast would be open to all. Though many were excited about the feast, the greatest excitement surrounded talk about the Games.

Caelita stood at one of the windows of the South Gate and watched the people milling about the city. Her ladies were gathered around the next window, huddled together and giggling amongst themselves, a stark contrast to the frown etching itself over the Princesses features. “I don’t understand how you all can be so cheery,” she said.

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Never let it be said that to dream is a waste of one’s time
For dreams are our realities in waiting
In dreams we plant the seeds of our future ♥



*Lily Hair by MINA available @ GREY MAGIC EVENT
*Neveah Jumpsuit by CYNFUL available @ GREY MAGIC EVENT
*Farfalla Earcuffs by REAL EVIL INDUSTRIES
*Bohemian Rings Set by YUMMY


*Bebel Pose by SAM POSES available @ GREY MAGIC EVENT
*Pic taken @ LUANES WORLD

Grey Magic Event will open on Sat. April 7th @ 1 PM SLT
Event Opening with Aley Kat, Lexus Melody and DJ Lichi
Don’t miss it!!

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“What makes the desert so beautiful,
is that somewhere it hides a well.”

~Antoine de Saint Exupery



*Lab.057 Hair & Cornrows Base by BOON
*Maitreya Vintage Collar Black by MAITREYA
*Nelly Lace Up Dress by NARCISSE now @ KINKY EVENT
*Farfalla Earcuffs by REAL EVIL INDUSTRIES
*Pearl Rain Season Bracelets by MANDALA
*Bohemian Rings Set by YUMMY
*Tattoo by NANIKA


*Pose by !BANG (altered)
*On location @ MIRAGE MOTEL