Better Me

I know this transformation is painful But you’re not falling apart You’re just falling into something different With a new capacity to be beautiful ~William C. Hannan ROZ IS WEARING: *AliceLostHerHead -gacha- by CURELESS *Black Parade Uniform Pure by CUREMORE now @ REWIND *Peculiar Frills Bloody -gacha- by NEFARIOUS INVENTIONS *Arya Heels by REIGN DECO…

Mad Tea Party

“We’re all mad here…” ~Cheshire Cat ROZ IS WEARING: *SnowDrift Hair by TABLEAU VIVANT *Go Ask Alice -gacha- by DEAD DOLLZ now @ LOOTBOX *Loving Tattoo by WHITE WIDOW MISCELANEOUS: *Ballerina Pose by FROZEN POSES *Deco… ANC, APPLE FALL, HANDVERK, DUSTBUNNY, TURNIP, DRD & More