“Darling, the legs aren’t so beautiful, I just know how to use them.” ~Marlene Dietrich~ ROZ IS WEARING: *Hair by MAGIKA *Dress by SAS *Wristwraps byASTERIA *Hand Jewelry byASTRALIA *Rings Set by YUMMY *Heels by REIGN MISCELLANEOUS: *Pose by FOXCITY *Pic taken @ WHIMBERLY    


“It’s a marvelous night for a moondance!” ROZ IS WEARING: *Hair by TRUTH *Skin by AB.FAB *Eyes by A.D.D.ANDELL *Wings -gacha- by EGOSUMAII *Dress by BELLE EPOQUE *Head Piece by AIR *Wrist wraps by ASTERIA *Hand Jewelry by ASTRALIA *Rings Set by YUMMY Most all these beautiful goodies available now @ FANTASY FAIRE


“Sometimes I wish I was an octopus so I can hug you eight times as much” ROZ IS WEARING: *Hair by TRUTH *Dress&Purse by THE SEAHOLE *Ribbon Heels by REIGN *HeadWings&Necklace by RD *Wrist Ribbons by ASTERIA MISCELLANEOUS: *Fountain&Plants by THE LOOKING GLASS *Tentacle Lanterns by MIRAGE Get all these wonderful items @ FANTASY FAIRE


…and if you ever feel lonely… just look at the moon… someone, somewhere is looking right at it too… ROZ IS WEARING: ASTERIA UNITED COLORS YASUM ISEUL TRUTH YUMMY COCO E.V.E

The Butterfly Effect

Close your eyes and think about that boy. Tell me how he makes you feel. Let your mind trace over his tired shoulders. Allow your thoughts to linger on that beautiful smile. Take a deep breath and try to push those dark feelings aside. For once let go of the reins you’ve wrapped so tightly…


She’s clarity and confusion. Never enough, always too much. A simple, complicated, perfectly flawed mess… ROZ IS WEARING: *Olivia Hair by MAGIKA *Nena Marshmellow Gown by SAS *Heaven Bracelet by ASTERIA *Bohemia Rings Set by YUMMY *Orb Censor by EGOSUMAII  


“If men had wings and bore black feathers, Few of them would be clever enough to be crows…” ROZ IS WEARING: *Bloom Hair by TRUTH *Lace Collar by EMPORIO *Willa Dress by DEAD DOLLZ *Black Pitch by LODE *Divinity Rings Set by YUMMY *Wrist wraps by ASTERIA MISCELLANEOUS: *Pose by AXIX *Pic taken @ ELYSION


She said: “Don’t get too close. It’s dark inside. It’s where my demons hide.” He answered: “Get too close, there is a hell inside of me, it’s where your demons can live.” ROZ IS WEARING: *Sabrina Hair by ENVOGUE *Adele Panties by ASTERIA CREED IS WEARING: His Birthday Suit   MISCELLANEOUS: *Photo Booth Halo Limited…

Black & Gold

‘Cause if you’re not really here I don’t want to be either I wanna be next to you Black and gold, black and gold, black and gold…                ♫SONGSPIRATION♫ ROZ IS WEARING: *Diavolo Hair by VANITY HAIR *Daniella Panties & Mystic Bra by ASTERIA *Princess Ears by SWALLOW *Stripper Body…

Wrapped In Your Love

Wrap me in the softest love I have ever known Show me that I am not alone ~Christy Ann Martine ROZ IS WEARING: *Makena Hair by TRUTH *Mavis Gown by JUST BECAUSE now @ FAMESHED *Heaven Bracelet by ASTERIA *Divinity Rings Set by YUMMY *Angelical Ribbons by MOON AMORE CREED IS WEARING: *Narcotic Hair by…