Even in lingerie, she has tricks up her sleeve. ~Erin Van Vuren ROZ IS WEARING: *Makena Hair -october vip gift- by TRUTH *Mae Lingerie Set by DEAD DOLLZ now @ REWIND *Divinity Ring and Nails Set by YUMMY *Pearl-Rain-Season3 Choker Set by MANDALA *TIR Moth & Moon Tattoo by IVORY & ROSE *Ribbon Heels by…

Tears Of Pearls

Your kisses are like pearls, So different and so rare But anger stole the jewels away And love has left you bare, Made you cry… These tears of pearls                           ♫SONGSPIRATION♫ ROZ IS WEARING: *Lab.057 Hair & Lab.Cornrows by BOON *Off Shoulder Top by…

Look What You Made Me Do

The world moves on, another day, another drama, drama But not for me, not for me, all I think about is karma And then the world moves on, but one thing’s for sure Maybe I got mine, but you’ll all get yours Ooh, look what you made me do…      ♫SONGSPIRATION♫ ROZ IS WEARING: *Tempest…


Try not to wiggle If you intend to spend time in the web she weaves Unwind in her silk sheets but still be your heart Too much movement smells like blood And next She is venom… ~Unknown ROZ IS WEARING: *Seelie&Unseelie Hair -gacha- by TABLEAU VIVANT *Rival Mask by VERSIONLODE *UnOrthodox Crown by THE ANNEX…

White Witch

One with the night One with the day One with the earth That is the witches way… ROZ IS WEARING: *Front Blow -gacha- by TABLEAU VIVANT *Fiona Outfit by DEAD DOLLZ now available @ SALEM *Banjara Kada Bracelets by ZAARA *Aphrodite Bento Rings by SWALLOW *Tattoo by NANIKA MISCELLANEAOUS: *Charmed One Pose by SAM POSES…

Mad Tea Party

“We’re all mad here…” ~Cheshire Cat ROZ IS WEARING: *SnowDrift Hair by TABLEAU VIVANT *Go Ask Alice -gacha- by DEAD DOLLZ now @ LOOTBOX *Loving Tattoo by WHITE WIDOW MISCELANEOUS: *Ballerina Pose by FROZEN POSES *Deco… ANC, APPLE FALL, HANDVERK, DUSTBUNNY, TURNIP, DRD & More  


I don’t shoot what it looks like, I shoot what it feels like… Special thanks to Broderick Logan for shooting this pic for me, when I couldn’t ♥ Be sure to check out his BLOG & FLICKR ! ROZ IS WEARING: *Betsy Hair by TRUTH *Exit#3 -FashionWeek Gacha- by DEAD DOLLZ now @ THE ARCADE…


Never miss a chance to DANCE ♫SONGSPIRATION♫ ROZ IS WEARING: *Vida Hair by BEUSY *Bebe Dress by DEAD DOLLZ now @ UBER *Danni Platform Heels by RENEGADE *Aphrodite Bento Rings by SWALLOW *Raksha Armchains by ZAARA *Neon ChuChu Bangles by MAXI GOSSAMER MISCELLANEOUS: *Pose by NANIKA *Prop by MINIMAL *Gem in the Rough by E.V.E.


Sometimes you just need someone to remind you… ROZ IS WEARING: *Lorelay Hair by enVOGUE *Scarlett Bodysuit Kawaii FLF by DEAD DOLLZ MISCELLANEOUS: *Foil Balloon Rare -gacha- by FLOORPLAN *Clouds, Seaspray, Mist by ANC *Dreamers Swing by INFINITY  


Not going to be a pawn in someone else’s game… ROZ IS WEARING: *Seelie & Unseelie Hair by TABLEAU VIVANT *Presentation Dress ~Miss Chievous Gacha~ by DEAD DOLLZ *Raksha Armchain by ZAARA *Aphrodite Bento Rings by SWALLOW *Arya Heels by REIGN MISCELLANEOUS: *Pose by NANTRA *Pic taken @ the amazing CHESS WONDERLAND