Dead Dollz

Into The Wild

Won’t be the last
Won’t be the first

Find a way to where the sky meets the Earth

It’s alright and all wrong
For me it begins at the end of the road

We come and go                                                                            ♫SONGSPIRATION♫



*Taren Hair by TRUTH now @ UBER
*Roanoke Outfit by DEAD DOLLZ now @ UBER
*Espadrille Flats by REIGN
*Camper Set Gold by MINIMAL now @ UBER
*Aphrodite Bento Rings by SWALLOW
*Pilot Glasses by HAYSURIZA

*Pic taken @  |ELYSION|


Dead Dollz


This ain’t no way to be
Stuck between my shadow and me
The sun’s going down
It’s getting dark in here
Still folks say:
“I got nothing to fear”

I’m so tired over beating myself
Beating myself up
Gonna take a trip and multiply
Please go under with a smile

♫SONGSPIRATION♫ Multiply – Jamie Lidell



*Darkness Falls Hair by MAGIKA
*Adel Panties by ASTERIA
*Sheer Hosiery -Noblesse- by DEAD DOLLZ   now @ THE CROSSROADS
*Zest Pumps by MAITREYA

*Pic taken @ ORCHID -Maison de L’amitie-