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(n) A lover of rain;
Someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.



*Lady Hair by TRUTH
*Madison Raincoat&Umbrella by PURPLE MOON
*Rainboots by ADDAMS
*Isuel Human Ears by RANDOM MATTER
*Divinity Rings Set by YUMMY


*Hailstorm by ANC
*Puddle by NOCC (no longer available)
*Pic taken @ the amazing DUST BUNNY Sim


Urban Angel

No matter how many times I leave
I always hear her voice calling me
I could be a million miles away
But it’s here, I’ll always have a place

♫SONGSPIRATION♫   Natalie Walker – Urban Angel



*Stars Hair by EMO-TIONS Now Available @ On9
*Rosemary Dress by WICCA’S WARDROBE Now Available @ On9
*Promiscuous Over Knee Boots by REIGN
*Jessi Rings Set by IEQED
*Scarlet Tattoo by NANIKA Now Available @ On9

*Pic taken @ PETOU

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Here Comes The Rain Again

Here comes the rain again
Falling on my head like a memory
Falling on my head like a new emotion
I want to walk in the open wind
I want to talk like lovers do
I want to dive into your ocean
Is it raining with you




*Kohaku Hair by ARGRACE
*Ophelia Gown & Lace Collar by L’EMPORIO
*Starlet Stole by PLASTIX
*Precious Rings Set by RELUX
*Riany Day Vintage Umbrella by ~DREAM.

Pic taken @ GREEN STORY

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I can’t stand the rain ‘gainst my window,
Bringing back sweet memories…
I can’t stand the rain ‘gainst my window,
‘Cause he’s not here with me…



Southern Wind -Blonds- Hair by TABLEAU VIVANT
Wet dress & Strap Panty by GABRIEL
Zara Tatoo Torso&Leg by .::NANIKA::.


Last Night Pose by Q-POSES


Rainy Alley

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A Rainy Day…

{RainyDay1}“… I will meet him down the road,” she thought as she looked out the window.
The weather didn’t look great and they had to walk to town. It wasn’t that far,
but if she met him along the way it would save time,
and they might get there before this drizzle would turn into heavy rain.

Stepping out the door, she looked up at the sky,
opened her umbrella and turned towards the road.
As she turned, she saw him standing in the rain holding an umbrella too,
their eyes met, she smiled and said: “Well, you didn’t have to bring the rain.”

“Trust me…It was the last thing I wanted, for today especially”, he said.
She smiled and thought to herself… “maybe he didn’t forget”.
As she stepped past him, beginning to head towards town,
he gently took her by the wrist and turned her to face him again.
“I got something to show you first. Please?”RainyPicnic1He smiled at her, she was hesitant though, she really needed to get some groceries,
for a special dinner she had been planning to cook for him that evening.
She looked at him and then behind her towards the town,” yes, but…” she said.
Then looking back at him, into those hard to resist blue compelling eyes…
She sighed as she stepped towards him, took his hand and let him lead her away from town.

While they were walking the weather cleared up and the sun peeked through the clouds.
They came to a secluded meadow and underneath a tree there was a basket, wine & glasses.
As they reached the tree he turned towards her, smiled and pulled her down into the grass with him.
She hesitated for a moment, not wanting to get her dress dirty,
but then she took his hand and rested on the ground with him as he poured them both a glass of wine.
She sighed and smiled to herself, thinking:”he didn’t forget afterall…”RainyPicnic3

Special thanks go out to Broderick Logan for making these amazing pictures and inspiring me to try my hand at writing his story from another point of view.


_ Flat Cap – brown (Gacha in-store) by DEADWOOL
_XIV Tweed Suit – Twill Brown by KAUNA
_Vintage Wingtip Shoes by [PHUNK]


_Noela Hiar by +ELUA+
_Mrs. Darcy Dress/Coat Floral by *{JUNBUG}* 
_Mon Cher Pumps Ivory by *{JUNBUG}*  
_Arabella Wild Pearls Set by MAXI GOSSAMER
_Karina Court Jewelry Set by MAXI GOSSAMER
_Umbrella by ~DREAM.


_Photo 1: (Broderick) BAXE Umbrella Men 8 w/ black umbrella (Rozen) BAXE Umbrella           Woman 7 @ ROUND 7 OF POSE LOVER
_Photo 2: (Broderick) BAXE Umbrella Men (Rozen) BAXE Umbrella Woman 5 @ ROUND 7        OF POSE LOVER
_Photo 3: NANIKA Romantic Picnic Pose @ ROUND 7 OF POSE LOVER